Based in Houston Texas, IPX is a Geoscientist oriented firm. We convert Geoscience knowledge into technical solutions applied to IT and Telecom, SCADA, and other Field Support functions. IPX personnel plan and carry out field studies, in which they visit locations to collect samples and conduct surveys, analyze aerial photographs, well logs (detailed records of geologic formations found during drilling), rock samples, and other data sources to locate deposits of natural resources and estimate their size, conduct laboratory tests on samples collected in the field and prepare written scientific reports.

IPX Geoscientists are also experts in the field of software and hardware innovations used in the oil and gas industry. Expertise in Petrophysics, Geophysics, Mapping, Seismic Interpretation, Production Allocations, SCADA systems, Surface and Subsurface Equipment, HSE Software and other critical software needed to excel in the new era of innovation in the O&G industry, are part of the IPX plan.


IPX Energy & Telecom Services (IPXCOM) since 2001, emphasizes teaming up with mission critical partners and through collaboration and teamwork, apply the latest innovations to solve real world problems. IPX is an expert corporation that has 19 years of experience, which functions globally as a network of companies and people who all play an important role in solving different problems. By working together, the network can reach farther and achieve more than its individual members.

In the year 2020, IPX and their partners, offer experts with 40 years of oil and gas experience. Our collective knowledge footprint, together with our vast array of services, allow us to truly become that “one-stop shop” for our valued customers, who value service providers around whom they can consolidate services and thus reduce their contractor count and associated costs.

Petroleum extraction, transportation and refining come with the inherent risk of site and soil contamination. IPX offers a cost-effective solution for fast and safe removal, remediation and disposal of such hazardous materials..


Construction and Engineering

Environmental Management

IT & Telecom


IPX Maritime and Port Security

Internet of Things

IPX provides a full range of consulting services for engineering, design, and field services to the oil and gas industries, specializing in upstream, midstream and downstream projects for both onshore and offshore applications. We aim to integrate our project managers, engineers, and designers with your team for seamless support from concept to completion.


Searching for novel solutions to meet the world’s growing energy needs? We offer advanced Oil and Gas Remediation using new nano particle innovation, extensive onsite Africa, Middle East and 200 global locations, and IPX possess the capabilities and intimate industry knowledge to drive efficiency in our customers’ operations.  From downhole to topside and everything in between, our wide variety of Houston experts, deliver full turnkey solutions.

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