About us

About Us

IPX Energy & Telecom Services   (IPXCOM)  since 2001, emphasizes teaming up with mission critical partners and through collaboration and teamwork, apply the latest  innovations to solve real world problems.   IPX is an expert  corporation that has 19 years of experience,  which functions globally as a network of companies and people who all play an important role in solving different problems.  By working together, the network can reach farther and achieve more than its individual members.

IPX’s proven philosophy  of  applying solutions with boots on the ground, while other parts of IPX participate indirectly through different support functions. IPX’ s global presence and holistic view of our mission, combine Houston based  oil and gas technologies with local content,  in all locations where we operate.  IPX responds anywhere without boundaries, as a  anywhere services model, and as a whole, our mission and enthusiasm for working together, with our local partners,  has allowed IPX to excel for almost 20 years.

Today, IPX and their partners, offers  20 years of oil and gas experience.  Our collective knowledge footprint, together with our vast array of services,  allow us to truly become that “one-stop shop” for our valued customers, who value service providers around whom they can consolidate services and thus reduce their contractor count and associated costs.

Petroleum extraction, transportation and refining come with the inherent risk of site and soil contamination. IPX offers a cost-effective solution for fast and safe removal, remediation and disposal of such hazardous materials. Whether it is recent spills or legacy contamination, we successfully remediate sites to their original state. When hazardous chemicals find their way into the soil, we can treat/remove them per published and accepted remediation guidelines.

IPX and their partners, commonly handles contaminants such as petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorides, hydrogen sulfide, and heavy metals. From consultation with federal and state regulatory compliance agencies to soil and equipment remediation/removal to transportation, IPX and their partners, are your site-restoration specialists.

Why IPX?

  • Proven Engineering, Hydrology, Geology and Geochemistry Consulting Manpower
  • Access to specialized laboratories for evaluation of contaminated samples
  • Centrifuge technology for oil sludge and oil spill abatement
  • Suction excavators for hydro excavation
  • In-situ remediation methods for oil site restoration & reclamation
  • Soil & geochemical studies
  • Hydrocarbon fingerprinting
  • Oil and gas separation using Nano Particles
  • The Living Filter Technology utilizing accelerated reclamation techniques, once contaminates are removed
  • IT and Telecom for remote field locations

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