General Fuel and Fuel Use Management

General Fuel and Fuel Use Management

The use of IoT for remote monitoring of generators includes fuel consumption monitoring and monitoring of engine operation parameters. This kind of monitoring helps to plan timely refueling and maintenance, also it is good way to determine and prevent fuel thefts and generator breakdown.

Fuel Management Control and Gather Generator Data

Fuel Management Control generators from anywhere

Our solution encompasses a remote control capability to enable you to turn your generators on or off from anywhere you have an internet connection. In fact, using our solution, you can automatically schedule specific on and off times. You can monitor fuel levels, fuel consumption, coolant levels, engine temperature and RPMs, abnormal noise levels, power generated, capacity utilization and running hours and detect anomalies.

We install sensors on your generators to collect crucial information and send it to our IoT platform, via a gateway. Then, our highly trained machine learning algorithms analyze your data, and the resulting information is delivered to your mobile devices. You can use the information for generator health check monitoring, automatic scheduling and predictive maintenance. What’s more, if a fault is detected, the system will notify you by sending you an email/text notification, alert a monitoring station and/or turn on station alarms.


  • Real-time fuel/leak monitoring
  • Sends alerts if there’s any deviation
  • Detects potential mechanical problems
  • Root cause analysis
  • Fuel theft alerts
  • Remote management
  • Real-time interactive dashboards
  • Predictive maintenance

Keep Detailed Information on the Fuel use by the Generator

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