Georadiometrics is a cost effective way to identify hydrocarbon in the subsurface. IPX Team uses Aerial , Marine and Ground Based Surface Logging Tools. The tools measures natural gamma radiation as it passes through hydrocarbons. Surface logging technique shown, that closely correllates and Identifies subsurface hydrocarbons accumulations. The Effect of Hydrocarbon on Gamma Counts Low gamma counts (counts per second cps) signal potential subsurface oil and gas accumulations Hydrocarbon that migrates to the surface, via seeps gets trapped in the soil layers and inhibits the gamma counts.

Conclusions: A Cost Effective Way to Identify Hydrocarbons in the Subsurface via Aerial and Ground Based Surface Logging Tools, which Measures Natural Gama Radiation as it passes through Hydrocarbons. A great way to survey large areas, and incorporate Risk mitigation when used with other tools. IE – In Mao view at right – blue areas denote hydrocarbon void areas and yellow very prospective areras.

Contour Maps

As a result of these surveys wells drilled in yellow area were oil and gas discoveries.

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