Geoscience Expertise


Based in Houston Texas, IPX is a Geoscientist oriented firm. We convert Geoscience knowledge into technical solutions applied to IT and Telecom, SCADA, and other Field Support functions. IPX personnel plan and carry out field studies, in which they visit locations to collect samples and conduct surveys, analyze aerial photographs, well logs (detailed records of geologic formations found during drilling), rock samples, and other data sources to locate deposits of natural resources and estimate their size, conduct laboratory tests on samples collected in the field and prepare written scientific reports.

IPX Geoscientists are also experts in the field of software and hardware innovations used in the oil and gas industry. Expertise in Petrophysics, Geophysics, Mapping, Seismic Interpretation, Production Allocations, SCADA systems, Surface and Subsurface Equipment, HSE Software and other critical software needed to excel in the new era of innovation in the O&G industry, are part of the IPX plan.

Data Administration is also one important aspect that IPX can assist companies in the collection and input into modern database systems.

Most importantly IPX present their findings to clients, colleagues, and other interested parties, as subject matter experts.

IPX geoscientists are involved in the search for and development of natural resources, such as petroleum & minerals. Other work expertise involves environmental protection and preservation, and IPX are involved in projects to clean up and reclaim land.


IPX is an expert in helping convert from company A to company B. Buying and selling oil and gas properties are some of the most complex transactions in business today. IPX clients require an information clearinghouse mentality and IPX can assist to provide the correct set of data for due diligence and then the content delivered streamlines the process.

Clients typically will be preparing, evaluating and sharing a wide variety of financial and technical data. Clients will need to show properties in a complete, concise, properly organized and user-friendly package that helps potential buyers assess the opportunity quickly and efficiently. And when a buyer emerges, IPX is there to help both sides of the transaction move smoothly through due diligence, negotiations and purchase.

IPX understands the needs of the oil and gas industry and has become the provider of choice for the major and independent oil and gas firms. Our technology includes dozens of high-performance features that make the process easier and more efficient. Because each deal includes mountains of complex engineering, geological, production, marketing, financial and tax data, our bulk upload and automatic indexing tools make it fast and easy to keep everything organized.

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