Internet of Things for Smart Cities and Shopping Malls

Internet of Things for Smart Cities and Shopping Malls

LED lighting, advanced lighting controls, smart parking, video surveillance and analytics, Mall amber alerts, water management, and proximity marketing solutions all integrated into one platform.

IPX LoRa & WiFi Network with Public Safety Extension Band 48

IPX integrates LoRa, WiFi and Public Safety wireless networks as the baseline for Mall Communications. Light control solutions, which are a major cost savings for the mall can be integrated into this wireless set.

Property Wide Proximity & Retail Analytics

You can identify customer behavior patterns & gauge consumers purchases. We use this information to drive marketing campaigns such as email, SMS and coupons to visitors as they move around your venue.

Smart Parking Real Time Parking Data

A seamless parking solution improves the shoppers mall experience in Real time value to customers to deliver. IPX real time parking information through-out the mall parking spaces, and garages.

Facial Recognition Safety and Security

With video surveillance and analytics, IPX delivers increased shopper safety and smartphone apps for amber alert warnings and increased shopper awareness. System offers proactive information to respond to incidents and criminality, such as loitering, license plate recognition, entering forbidden areas, analytical results can be linked to police databases. Mall operators can reduce their commercial insurance rates using IPX solutions.

Waste Management

IPX provides municipal waste collection authorities and private waste management companies a new IOT service for cutting costs by optimizing waste collection and keeping track of valuable containers.

Digital Signage

IPX is expanding the solutions offered to Crocker Park to implement LED signage for dynamic messaging and advertising along with a management platform capable of supporting an array of other visual signage needs.

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