Oil and Gas Network Services

Oil and Gas Network Services

IPX Oil and Gas Services emphasizes teaming up with mission critical partners and through collaboration and teamwork, apply the latest IT & network innovations to solve real world problems

Cutting-edge technology is required to successfully find, drill, store, transport and refine oil and gas. The oil and gas industry relies on IPX to deliver innovative communications systems to keep every aspect of the decision support process connected. The more remote the environment, the more sophisticated the communication technology is required.

Fiber Network and satellite communications, microwave technology, Wi-Fi, and wireless work independently and together to provide the oil and gas industry with a highly complex solution for data transfer of all types.

IPX provides the linkage and connectivity of drilling sites or producing fields into a wider network. Where traditional cabling methods are impossible, impractical, or too expensive, wireless communications allow companies to extend the office network environment securely.

IPX connects the VSAT broadband source from main offices to the guest house, field operations like – Drilling Superintendent, well logging shack, administrations buildings, etc. that allow management of these assets in the field.

Communications IPX provides integrated VSAT and Wi-Fi deployment for compounds and camp operations. IPX has provided VSAT communications services across all our markets and around the world, including The Former Soviet Union, Congo, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and United Arab Emirates.

IPX principals have been deploying Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) products since 2001. High quality communications must be engineered properly. IPX specialized CTI voice systems linked to VSAT Communications provide crystal clear voice with minimal delay and quality defects found in many commercial applications. From 10 users to 10,000 users IPX will deliver camp/compound voice communications second to none.


IPX, as an electronic solutions integrator, has Motorola Certifications to install Motorola Mission Critical Communications. This term is applied to describe the networks specifically designed for operations and safety in the oil field. With intrinsically safe equipment selections, the IPX teams deliver robust, fail-safe, and secure voice and data communications in the field. IPX delivers dedicated private networks linked to Motorola Radios. IPX connects PBX systems to allow an extension on the phone system to call the Radio network to allow efficient headquarters-to-field communications.

These COMS oversee the safety of field workers, increase productivity, and maintain business continuity from the headquarters to the field using IPX & Motorola Radio products.

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