Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing

To identify oil spills, we will use satellite data and IPX GIS & dedicated mapping tools.

IPX Earth Scientists have been working with remote sensing since the 70’s. Some projects require acquisition of satellite images to evaluate projects are at a large scale. Physical survey in such a situation is not a viable option. Remote sensing is a technique that is time and cost effective and is therefore apt for such projects. IPX offers remote sensing services to its clients worldwide. The services ensure accurate and cost-effective data collection which is important input for planning and designing of mapping projects.

IPX’s expertise including acquiring cost effective Geoeye data and using free Google Earth data, IPX services are rendered as per the project’s requirements.

IPX offers remote sensing services by creating data to analyze oil and gas, and mineral resources, and compare data of forestry, weather, vegetation, pollution, erosion, land use. The remote sensing services offered by IPX can also be helpful for city planning, military observation, archaeological investigations, and so on.

IPX remote sensing services includes in the following verticals:

  • Satellite imagery interpretation and classification
  • Land cover classification
  • Coastal ecosystem management
  • Forestry mapping
  • Agricultural mapping
  • Mining and geology mapping
  • Environmental impact assessment mapping
  • Wireless Telecom Surveys
  • Watershed management

Parcel Mapping GIS SERVICES

Parcel Mapping is a process in which land parcels are created for efficient and effective land management.


Georadiometrics is a cost effective way to identify hydrocarbon in the subsurface.

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