Construction and Engineering

Construction and Engineering

Rebuilding the social, economic, political and physical frameworks of hurricane, tornadoes, and war-torn societies requires an immense effort. The military, first responders, humanitarian agencies, development professionals and private industry are striving to meet the needs of highly efficient buildings for quick recovery. Without effective infrastructure services, progress is slow and extremely expensive.

IPX’s performance in conducting operations in support of post-war reconstruction provides Expat management and vetted in-country nationals that deliver cost effective and reliable solutions. Our skilled specialists are trained and experienced in delivering services to governments and corporations in high-threat environments.

IPX offers a comprehensive range of products and services which meet the needs of the world’s construction and construction engineering industries. Whether you’re a site manager ordering supplies from a remote U.S. location, or part of a USAID prime contractor working on a multi-billion-dollar contract in Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Middle East, IPX has a specific turnkey integrated solution for your project.

Our continued success in today’s global markets is achieved with a Total Solutions approach to meeting our clients’ needs. Consistent and proven strategies are deployed for project execution to ensure that every project is successful and meets and/or exceeds the key performance indicators set forth at the onset of each project. When it comes to global infrastructure business, our credentials speak for themselves.

IPX receives award from Northrop Grumman. The Supplier Recognition Program recognizes suppliers that continuously provide outstanding support to Northrop Grumman. Northrop had more than 3,000 suppliers eligible for the award this year. All were evaluated based on five categories: schedule, management, technical, financial and quality.

IPX was awarded the Systems Integrator of Year Award from Northrop Grumman.  IPX competes with over 3000 contractors to win this award.

Smart Buildings

Smartbuildings, are designed to be quick build technology which achieve significant energy savings by taking advantage of improved technology and materials in terms of solid core building structures, solar PV & battery electrical systems, LED Lighting, building automation systems, and Energy Star computers and networks, tied to broadband Internet connectivity. With these innovations integrated to work together, multiple building technologies can be simplified and delivered to International customers. Steel or concrete exterior coatings can be applied to the insulated panels.  A five hundred square meter building can be constructed in less than a week.

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