Smart Buildings

Smart Buildings

As General Contractor, IPX supplies the best in Energy Star building components, to add to your SIP buildings. IPX integrates and sells products which are LEED approved and have Energy Star Ratings for the building, appliances, HVAC, windows, roofing, plumbing, solar and wind power,  and water. IPX has plans for combo buildings to build a Green Campus in Rural and In City Areas.

Smart Schools

Higher Education & Vocational Training – Many students now can work in virtual classrooms that allow them to share classes with online sources. The goal, in the end, is to have enough virtual classrooms where a student can get a four-year degree right in their hometowns or remote locations.  Adding web development, programming, computer certifications, can be part of vocational training programs.

Smart AG

Organic Farming and Cash Crops – Supply SmartAG building and supply the seeds, inexpensive green houses, and infrastructure. The deliverable is to grow crops hydroponically by computer and smart water & fertilizer management techniques. These SmartAG start-up kits can be quickly distributed to local community members, with local youth employed to tend and care for the community food crops.

The results would be to teach a new generation of farmers that can market and sell fresh local produce as part of a fresh food COOP on the local population and build a food pipeline of similar SmartAG communities sharing different food crops and growing technologies.

Smart Telemed

The local populations need to replace its aging healthcare facilities to meet the critical healthcare needs of chronically underserved people. IPX can work with the local governments, to focus on the problems locally that need to be solved.

With connecting the delivered SmartTelemed green building to medical professionals in the Houston Medical Center, local population in city or remote, can have expanded access to healthcare services, such as nutrition and exercise classes to mitigate diabetes and obesity. The TM facility can provide access to programs to address both mental health and substance abuse issues impacting tribal members.

Smart Biz Incubation

Economic prosperity is essential to ensuring that communities are self-sustaining, repopulating, and thriving economically for generations to come. The IPX Smart BIZ program, is aimed at the most gifted young thinkers & business developers in the community.

IPX can help provide the computers, Internet, telephone, and SBA training programs, technical support, and cultivate entrepreneurial skills that can start and grow businesses and create jobs in local communities. The Incubation Building will help foster entrepreneurship opportunities within reach. Job creation by small businesses provides ladders of opportunity for members seeking economic prosperity and financial security for their children and families.

Examples include:

  • Food Science & Cooperatives to market and distribute agricultural crops, greenhouses, fertilizer products and seed supplies.
  • Green Infrastructure and Building Automation
  • Green Power – Smart Grid, Solar, Wind, Battery, and Conservation products
  • Telecommunications and broadband services.

Smart Data Center / Virtual SAAS

From Architect to LEED Green Building 70% Energy Efficient

Business Condos / Green Campus

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