IPX Oil & Gas Value Chain

IPX is providing solutions to enable efficient operations across the entire energy value chain.

Searching for novel solutions to meet the world’s growing energy needs? We offer advanced Oil and Gas Remediation using new nano particle innovation, extensive onsite Africa, Middle East and 200 global locations, and IPX possess the capabilities and intimate industry knowledge to drive efficiency in our customers’ operations.  From downhole to topside and everything in between, our wide variety of Houston experts, deliver full turnkey solutions.

IPX principals have over 25 years of oil, gas experience, in the field, where it counts. This experience, guides IPX to provide highly complex oil and gas technology and equipment integration solution sets for our customers.

IPX offers a broad array of equipment sourcing, procurement and logistics, and skilled project management, to deliver completely integrated solutions, from start to finish. We partner with the best experts in the oil field.

With boots on the ground experience, and highly skilled technical support, IPX delivers exactly what oil and gas customers require- fully implemented solutions and support. Shell, Trafigura, Sinopec, Baker Hughes, Kuwait Oil Company, Lambda Energy, and Vivo Energy are among the customers which received solutions in the upstream and downstream oil sectors.

Countries where projects were executed include USA, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, the Former Soviet Union, Congo, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and Ghana.

The Energy Value Chain

Upstream: IPX can offer an extensive portfolio of geologist, geochemists, geophysicists, petroleum engineers, and digital survey methods, to formulate a full line of solutions for oil and gas exploration, minerals exploration, to help make operations more efficient and sustainable.

Midstream: Midstream activities include the processing, storing, transporting and marketing of oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids. IPX has provided solutions to Trafigura, the largest private commodities broker in the world. Automated platforms that manage the shipping company, pipeline operator, inspector or warehouse can provide real-time status updates via the blockchain applications, on the crude oil transaction, helping lower the risk of fraudulent transactions.

Downstream: Delivering a variety of products and services to help development of oil sands, and heavy oil, construction and operation of environmental and remedial cleanup projects that meet regulatory specifications and keep costs low

Mining: There are multiple areas where IPX can help in delivering mining services, ranging from the accessibility of the drilling site, topography, water supply, ground conditions and the customer’s technical requirements.

IPX can deliver development stage drilling for the planning and construction of a new mine site, or the expansion of an existing mining project.

IPX has extensive experience in core drilling, geochemistry, & lab analysis which allows customers to obtain bulk samples with the large cores which are required for geotechnical and metallurgical assessment of the ore body (as required by mining and production engineers).

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